We Know Technology - We Know Your Business

  We Offer Below Services and Solutions

  • Software Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Training
  • Medical Billing Services

Software Development

Our areas of expertise and experience include Java/J2EE, C/C++ based projects with a variety of backend databases including but not limited to Oracle, Sql Server, MySQL and PostGresql.   A trusted business partner and adviser to our clients, we leverage a powerful blend of industry-proven practices and leading standards with a strong foundation of technical skills.  


Website Design & Development

We specialize in professional website design and development for businesses and organizations.  We also specialize in search engine optimization and can help improve the ranking of your website listing in search results.


We are an Advanced OO Methodologies, JEE, Web 2.0 and SOA technology, training, mentoring, and consulting firm.  We help our customers leverage the power of leading technologies to solve their most complex business challenges.  Companies that have used JavaSpecialists understand the value of training delivered in-house by a top Java developer. Highly relevant content, more resourceful programmers and applicable problem solving are just some of the benefits. 

Why choose our training?

  1. The Teachers. The single biggest reason. Our trainers have real-life experience using the technology they teach. Which means your students can get the answers they need - no matter how tough.
  2. Relevant Content! Seemingly small but vital component. You will learn skills that are based on "practical day to day application" that will make you a better programmer. Vitally, the courses are "presented by someone who has practical experience with software development in Java."
  3. We are based in USA! Which means we are far more accessible to all US based companies.

Medical Billing Services

SevenMountz Systems provides you with a comprehensive Medical Billing Service and receivables management system.  We have clear understanding of the regulations and have been provided training on CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10 etc. We provide comprehensive medical billing solutions to our clients with the support of the latest technology and skilled manpower. Our billing process is designed to reduce costs and improve time control and efficiency.