TestCentum - The Perfect companion for your assesment needs!

TestCentum is a powerful tool for your assesment needs.  TestCentum is an online/offline based assesment software designed for students and professionals.  TestCentum provides the best possible practice platform for students, to excel in their examination. TestCentum consists of two major components :-

  • Admin/Teacher Zone
  • Student/Exam Zone


In the Admin zone, teachers/admins can create accounts for students, create/generate tests,  assign tests to students, set the time limit for the test at a test level as well as at a question level, view the progress made by students, analyze results etc.

In the Student Zone, students can login, view their test assignments, attempt tests, submit results and view results. 

To completely understand the product, it is pertinent for potential customers to have a first hand look at the product. Therefore, we invite you to book a demo session with us by clicking the "Contact Us" link. We will subsequently get in touch with you.